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Thanks for stopping by. About Jeff Cahill ...

Jeff Cahill

Certified Veteran Loan Specialist

I joined Homestead Mortgage in 2016 after a long and successful career as a chef and restauranteur. I was the creator of Riff’s Joint in Easthampton, MA and Riff’s North in Turners Falls.

I decided to change careers after we adopted 3 beautiful young children from MA Foster care (crazy…I know!) I couldn’t, nor did I want to, spend all day every day at the restaurant!

So I took my Economics degree, love for helping people, and need for instant gratification and started my career as a loan originator. The flexibility of working when and where I wanted was also a big part of my decision.

I chose Homestead Mortgage because I liked the idea of being a broker, i.e., working for the client (you) and not the bank or lender. I only answer to my clients and that’s the way I like it!

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I Want My FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!